• Adeshwar Meditex Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of medical kits in South East Asia. Today, we are supplying 5 million medical kits annually in India and abroad to major auto manufacturers & institutions.

    We are registered to supply to various Government medical institutes, Hospitals, Public Health Departments, Foreign Ministries of Health as per tender specifications. Every item is manufactured in-house, including sterilization.

    We can carry out customized jobs, also OEM as per specifications and requirements, at best quality and prices


    • These blades are intensely used in surgery for making cuts on the body with maximum precision.

      We are capable of making these high quality stainless steel surgical blades in varied specifications in order to meet the exact requirements of the clients.


• Designed by diligent experts by using advanced techniques & standards of the industry in various stipulations.
• Precisely finished tip & Sharp edges
• Rust proof fine finish

• Resistance against abrasion

• Available in variety of sizes, sterile and non-sterile and are wrapped individually.



A blood lancet is a small and disposable medical device utilized in capillary blood sampling. Lancets are similar to scalpel but it has a double-edged needle or blade.

Blood lancets are used to make minuscule punctures to obtain blood samples for diagnosis of several diseases

Lancets are also used to prick the skin in skin testing for allergies


• Fine grip

• Easily disposable

• Effective penetrating ability

• Sterile and tamper proof

• Can be used in lancing device or individually in hospitals, pathology labs

• The sharp, strong point gives a relatively painless puncture & provides superior visualization.


  • Examination gloves are used in the medical field to prevent the spread of infection and diseases from patients to health-care workers and vice versa. These gloves are used in a variety of situations ranging from routine examinations to surgery. The best medical exam gloves typically are made of latex, and they require proper use to be efficient.




  • Size
    Box containing 100 pcs Examination
  • Specification:
    Test Integrity
    Sterility test As per IP 1996

The Surgical Gloves contain natural rubber latex
These are used in the medical field during surgeries to prevent the cross contamination.


  •  Size

Box containing 100 pcs Examination


It is used to tight a knot at umbilical cord of neonatal.

  • Size
    3mm x 20mtrs

Any specific size or quantity can be manufactured as per customer’s requirements.

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