• Our Cotton stockinette is highly absorbent knitted cotton. Itis used in fractures, for lamination, for cosmetic cover and in various surgical applications.

  • Feature:
    • Provides pressure to hold dressing in place
    • Used under plaster casts for skin protection & as a component in orthopedic appliances
    • Used as a removable, washable liner under splints or orthoses.
    • Permeable to air and absorbs perspiration
    • Stretches up than its normal width to conform to the body.
    • 100% cotton for non- irritation comfort
    • Will not wrinkle or slip
    • Easy application and may be cut anywhere as it does not run or fray
    • Durable and economical as it is machine washable for repeated use

      It is available in rolls of different dimensions.


  • It is generally designed for the orthopedic problems associated with old age, arthritis, knee related sports injury etc. to provide mild compression, warmth and support to the knee joint.


  •  Designed to support the limbs & joints, pain and inflammation during injury
  •  Four-way stretchable and comfortable knee cap
  •  Provides therapeutic warmth and adequate compression
  •  Better sweat absorption with no rashes and allergy
  •  No Chondromalacia on prolonged use
  •  Easy knee movement


    • It is used to support the weight of the scrotum on the groin walls to avoid elongating the testicular spermatic cords.

  • Features:
  • Especially indicated for use during sports activities and post-operatively
  • Light, adjustable waistband
  • High quality cotton material in accordance with international quality standards
  • Various sizes available


  • Orthopaedic wool bandage is non-woven cast padding bandage made by viscose or polyster or cotton fibers. It is free from impurities &particles.


  • Uniform thickness though out the width & length
  • Acts as a cushion & provides maximum protection in the plaster
  • Permeable to air. Avoids skin irritation & maceration.
  • Perfectly conforms to body contours to allow easy movements.

Intended Use:

  • This is used for limb (or in some cases, large portions of the body) to stabilize and hold anatomical structures, most often a broken bone in place until healing is confirmed.
  • Used before application of any types of bandages to protect the skin.
  • Used where swelling is expected.
  • Protects bony prominence.
  • Size
    20cm x 3 mtr
    15 cm x 3 mtr
    10 cm x 3 mtr

  • Any specific size or quantity can be manufactured as per customer’s requirements.


  • Rolled Cotton Bandages consists of cotton of plain weave in one continuous length showing no joints. The cloth is bleached to a good white is clean, odorless, reasonably free from weaving defects and from seeds and leaf debris.

  • Intended Use:
    Bandage cloth is used for wound dressing to fix the cotton gauze or cotton wool & other primary dressing.

  • Size
    5 cm x 4 mtr.x 10 Rolls
    7.5 cm x 4 mtr.x 10 Rolls
    10 cm x 4 mtr. x 10 Rolls
    5 cm x 4 mtr. x 10 Rolls

Any specific size or quantity can be manufactured as per customer’s requirements


  • Absorbent Cotton Wool is found as white well carded fiber of average staple length not less than 10 mm, containing not more than traces of leaf residue, seed coat & other impurities. It offers appreciable resistance when pulled & does not shed significant dust when shaken.

  • Size
    50 gm

Any specific size or quantity can be manufactured as per customer’s requirements.


  • Abdominal Pad
    Abdominal gauze swab / Abdominal Pad consists of absorbent cotton gauze, folded into rectangles or squares, in such a manner that no cut edges are exposed, & stitched round the open side. A tape extending not less than 10cm from the pad may be stitched into one corner. The pad incorporates an X- ray opaque component consisting of distinctly coloured, continuous monofilament or multifilament or a strip of suitable material.

  • Intended Use:
    Abdominal pad is used for Primary layer for heavily exudating wounds, and Secondary layer for heavily exudating wounds. Also used as Padding for pressure points and anywhere high absorbency is needed.

  • Size
    15cm x 15cm x 6 ply x 10pcs
    20cm x 20cm x 8 ply x 10pcs
    22.5cm x 22.5cm x 12ply x 10pc
    22.5cm x 30cm x 16ply x 50pc
    30cm x 50cm x 8 ply x 5pcs
    30cm x 30cm x 8 ply


  • Gauze Swab
    Gauze Swab consists of absorbent cotton gauze,cotton fabric of plain weave, folded into rectangles or square of 4 ply to 32 ply in such a manner that no cut edges are exposed. The edges of the swab are unstitched. It is found in a good white colour & practically odorless. The fabric is reasonably free from weaving defects & does not contain the traces of leaf residue, seed coat & other impurities.

  • Intended Use:
    Gauze swab are used to place over a wound before taping, strapping or bandaging up or can be soaked in antiseptic liquid and used to wipe over hard surfaces. Gauze swabs are a useful utility product in a kit and can be used for padding, protection, blood spill wound dressing, applying antiseptic and much more.

  • Variants of Gauze Swab:
    • AM SWAB

  • Size
    5cm x 5cm x 8-12ply x 1-5pc Sterile
    7.5cm x 7.5cm x 8ply x 5pc
    10cm x 10cm x 8ply x 5pc
    5cm x 5cm x 12ply x 100pc Non - sterile
    7.5cm x 7.5cm x 8ply x 100pc Non - sterile
    10cm x 10cm x 8-12ply x 100pc Non - sterile


  • A triangular bandage is a loose-weave cotton cloth in the shape of a triangle. This versatile first aid tool can be used in several ways to treat various types of injuries.

  • Feature:
    • Triangular bandages are used for maintaining compressions or poultices on a head wound.
    • Can be used for keeping body parts, such as shoulders, Splinting broken bones in their places during the healing process
    • Gives excellent support as a sling for the emergency treatment of wounds and fractures.
    • Holds gauze in place
    • It can be used for supporting or immobilizing injured shoulders, tying legs or ankles together, arms, wrists and hands.

  • Size
    90 cm x 90 cm
    100 cm x 3cm

Any specific size or quantity can be manufactured as per customer’s requirements.

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