We at Adeshwar Meditex strongly believe that identifying and satisfying the customer needs, delivering the products at competitive prices is our goal and the very essence of our efforts to consistently grow. We have a well cultivated culture of ongoing research and development.

The R&D activities are directed at bettering our present products offered as well as products under innovation. We have a team of high caliber well qualified research scientists who are working on primary and secondary data to offer better and newer products which will cater to the requirements of global patients from the point of view of effectiveness and safety besides keeping other parameters in mind.


At Adeshwar Meditex, we follow the highest standards of Quality  Assurance and Quality Control. The culture of inquiring minds to deliver “Quality Production” is set within the system of having in place “Standard Operating Procedures” with checks for their implementation right from the shop floor level through adequate training and development for the workers and supervisors followed by stringent quality control practices.Our quality checks are at multiple points and at various stages of the production process with well laid down specifications that are adhered to ensure that quality always meets “Global Standards of Excellence”.


At Adeshwar Meditex, there is a positive and healthy relationship maintained to better relations between management and staff because of which we have been able to have continuous and uninterrupted production since inception. This we believe,is our core strength which ensures that we maintain production of quality products and also maintain buyer’s delivery schedules. Our staff are exposed to continuous training and development to update
their knowledge and skills to remain competitive in the market place so as to achieve our dual goals of Innovation and Growth.

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